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Established in 2009, Landmark Industries Ltd has developed strong contacts and resources to complete your job efficiently and safely.

Our Mission

to maintain and grow strong partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and community, and to continue providing safe, reliable, cost effective, efficient material placement and delivery.

Our Goal

to provide quality service and customer satisfaction, and to treat our customers as we ourselves would expect to be treated.

With our Stone Slinger trucks we can place gravel, sand, topsoil, bark mulch or other aggregates with precision and efficiency. We service various projects with contractors or homeowners where accurate and controlled placement of materials is required.

Stone Slinger trucks are equipped with a conveyor belt system that can distribute materials over long distances and into hard-to-reach areas, allowing for faster and more precise placement compared to traditional methods. The operator can control the speed and direction of the conveyor belt, making it easier to deposit materials exactly where needed.

At the fuel station.

Fill 'er up.

On the roof.

Roof top service.

Pool party.

Accuracy counts.

Just about anywhere.

A tight squeeze.

  1. EFFICIENCY - Stone Slingers can quickly and efficiently distribute materials, reducing the time and effort required for manual labor.
  2. PRECISION - The operator can control the placement of materials, ensuring accuracy and minimizing waste.
  3. VERSATILITY - Stone Slingers can handle various types and sizes of aggregates, accommodating different project requirements.
  4. ACCESSIBILITY - The conveyor belt system allows for placement in areas that may be difficult to access with traditional methods, such as behind fences, around obstacles, or on slopes.
  5. COST-EFFECTIVENESS - Stone Slinger services can be cost-effective due to the reduced labor requirements and improved efficiency.

Meet Nadine and her slinger.  Big smiles and all heart.  She will throw that material wherever you need it.

Meet Devon the amazing guy, who always puts customers first and takes pride in every job.



Landmark Industries Ltd. is located just north of Enderby, British Columbia and services Salmon Arm, Blind Bay, Sorrento, North Shuswap, Sicamous, Revelstoke, Armstrong, Vernon, Lumby and surrounding areas.


Contact us for a free estimate.  We'd be pleased to discuss any project or questions you may have. 

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